WAVE was a political party that was active during MPSP18. It was led by Taylor Sullivan, who would serve as Prime Minister of Canada at the start of the 17th Parliament.

Party Platform Edit

WAVE's platform focused on the beach and beach culture.

Notable elections promises included the Canada Canal (extending the St. Lawrence River across Canada), the annexation of Curks & Taicos, Surf-scription (Conscripting all Canadians to serve 6 months as a lifeguard), legalizing seaweed, developing Waves of Mass Destruction (WMDs), and a sunscreen tax credit, amongst other policies.

Election Edit

Early in the election process, Sullivan resigned as Deputy Leader of the rival CASK party to form her own party, and out of this WAVE was born. Initially polling low, the recruitment of Ross Halfyard, Matthew Boulden and Spencer Brickles to the leadership team saw WAVE's poll numbers skyrocket.

On November 17th, 2017, WAVE won a minority government of 120 seats, doubling the seat total of CASK, which would form the Official Opposition.

Government Edit

The WAVE government lasted the entirety of the first day of MPSP18. Sullivan stayed on as Prime Minister through the first half of the sitting, but as Members began to leave the caucus and cross the floor, Sullivan stepped down and Boulden took over as Prime Minister. However, the caucus continued to lose members, including Finance Minister Christina Rideout and Treasury Board President Andrew Potter to CASK. During the second Routine Proceedings of Day One, Prime Minister Boulden stood during Statements by Ministers in an attempt to bring Opposition parties on side with the government. CASK Leader Michael Giesbrecht dismissed this as a pure attempt to cling onto power, and subsequently moved a motion of non-confidence in the government.

Although Boulden had gained the support of the CLIQUE caucus, CASK, Quartier, GoT and GOP all voted against the government, and numerous WAVE Members, who would subsequently leave to form SHOOK, also voted against the government. The parties agreed that the government had lost the confidence of the House, and a CASK-Quartier-GoT coalition formed the new government.

Opposition Edit

Following the fall of the government, Boulden attempted to maintain control of the caucus, bringing in CLIQUE and merging into a new coalition dubbed TIDE. However, Boulden would resign upon entering the House the next day, and Deputy Leader Ross Halfyard would take over as Leader of the Official Opposition. Though they would attempt to gain the confidence of the House in this new coalition, TIDE continued to lose ground to the newly formed DADDY party. Halfyard would later resign, and former Deputy Whip Jerad Zitman would take over as Leader of the Official Opposition.

Members Edit

Name Riding Position
Rt. Hon. Taylor Sullivan Nepean Leader & Prime Minister
Rt. Hon. Matthew Boulden Kingston & the Islands House Leader
Hon. Ross Halfyard Beauport-Cote de Beaupre-Ile d'Orleans-Charlevoix Deputy Leader
Hon. Spencer Brickles Brantford-Brant Chief Whip
Hon. Jerad Zitman Three Rivers Deputy Whip
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