Welcome to UOttawa's Model Parliament! Edit

This Wiki Chronicles the history of the University of Ottawa's Model Parliament. The format of the simulation lies in jokes and of satire, and the views expressed here do not represent those of the Participants, Organizers or University. It is expressly for fun and to help teach parliamentary procedure and give students political experience.

A few rules for this Wiki:

  1. Please only edit what you know to be false or are directly involved in. If you are a participant, please only edit pages in which the National Archives have given you permission and your own Members page.
  2. Please be respectful, There is no tolerance for bullying or any other forms of attacks with Model Parliament, and as an extension this Wiki. The idea is to leave an accurate and inspirational history for future Model Parliamentarians to take inspiration from and reference during future events.
  3. Understand context, UOttawa's model Parliament has been around for a long time, and our accounts go back to 2003. Many movements have come and gone since then, and history has some jokes or events that may be considered less appropriate than before. This means that not everything from the Archive ought to be brought back as statements or arguments, so before using anything, check with others. The National Archive is to teach and display the events of past parliaments without exclusion, so be warned that times change. However, the Archive is not interested in when so and so screwed up on twitter, or any negative slants of our history. People make mistakes and bygones must be bygones. We are recording major parties, events and figures (this includes you!) who helped build Model Parliament into what it is and continues to evolve into.
  4. Enjoy! This is our collective history, a continuity and story we have all lovingly crafted together. Get involved and help to expand its scope however you can, by either doing great things in the house, leading the next big party or helping us to keep record of it for the future. If you have any questions, you can email
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