"We're all victims of our own hubris at times"

The Kraken is a supernatural monster that has terrorized Canada's Maritime Provinces since MPSP15.

Origins Edit

During MPSP15, the Standing Committee on National Defence dealt with the issue of defending the Atlantic Coast from Celine Dion and a band of roguish followers. Ultimately, the Committee determined that the best response was to drive the raiders away through force, and the SQUAD government of the day approved the decision to release a weaponized Kraken in the region.

MPSP 17 Edit

In the years since its release, the Kraken quickly turned from a protector of the Maritimes to its greatest foe. Official studies conducted by the Rackham Institute in the autumn of 2016 suggested that nearly 50% of the Nova Scotian population was eaten during the year, and the economic toll was also incredibly negative.

Atlantic MPs Craig Mutter and Ben Carriere had seen their constituencies devastated by the Kraken, and they founded the HOOK Party of Canada, one of whose platform pillars was the defeat and capture of the beast. 

Upon becoming government, the HOOK Party put forward Bill C-7, which aimed at defeating the Kraken.  With the aid of the house, what could not have been accomplished by HOOK and the Maritimers was at last accomplished by Canada as a whole. The Bill passed, and The Kraken while not killed, was at least successfully driven away for now. Across the Maritimes, the few surviving people rejoiced, and, at least for a time, all was right in the East once again.

The handling of the Kraken was seen as controversial, with some activists arguing it was an endangered species and ought to be preserved.

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