The Andys are a country in South America that are located along Pacific Ocean and home to the Andean Mountains. It is considered the hegemonic power of South America, with significant influence over the governments of Rio de Sul and Sweet Chile Heat.

History Edit

The Andys is one of the oldest countries in the world, founded long before recorded history by a figure known as "Andy". Little is known about this figure, except that he was deified upon his death. In his honour, the name "Andy" became a legal obligation.

The Church of Andy was founded to promote Andy, and to run all government institutions in his name.

The Andys have long been in conflict with The Carribean Bloc, fighting for control over territories in the Gulf of Mexico. The Andean-Carribean War was fought between two countries, both of which sought exclusive domain over the island nation. In the end, The Andys won and claimed dominion over the island, allowing the small Carribean population to live in peace on the Northern shores while quickly building up defences against future attacks over the beautiful shores.

After nearly five decades of Andean rule, an uprising was lead by Miguel Jazzbro and his brother José in Tuba, who would overthrow their Andean overlords and establish a unitary state, with them at the head of the Brassist Party.

Government Edit

The Andys are the only theological government in the world. The state is led by the Presidandy, who is also the head of the Church of Andy, and the Prime Andy, who is the Head of the College of Cardandies, the main decision making and legislative body of the government.

The Presidandy is selected by the people from amongst the College of Cardandies, however campaigning for the position is illegal. The Prime Andy is then selected by the Cardandies to chair the meetings of the College.

Economy Edit

The economy of The Andys is largely rural and agricultural, and is highly socialist. The communal nature of the country is attributed to the closeness of individuals and that they all share a name.

Culture & Demographics Edit

The country is home to the largest number of people named Andy per capita, as everyone is legally required to have at least one iteration of the name "Andy" in their name, resulting in a large number of people named Andrew, Andrea, Andreas and André, as well as various other names that can be shortened to "Andy".

The country is particularly unique in that its official language, Andean, cannot be understood by anyone not named Andy.

It is said that a chosen Andy will be made to return The Andys to greatness. While many politicians have claimed to be that chosen Andy, most believe that the second coming of Andy has not yet arrived.

Contact with Canada Edit

The Andys first established relations with MP Sebastian Muermann in MPSP18, as he worked to map the world of MPSP.

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