The Principality of Sri Lankadesh is the most populous country in the world. The country is home to a diverse population of wildlife and the second highest population of poisonous animals after New Tasmania.

History Edit

Geography Edit

The country contains dense rain-forests that are home to large populations of animals including tigers, elephants, wolves, monkeys, and hundreds of other species.

The Himalayan mountain region is considered the second least explored region in the world, both on and in the mountains but also in the valleys between the countries.

Government Edit

Economy Edit

Sri Lankadesh is the fastest growing economy in the world and considered a significant hub for technological investment and infrastructure. Technology companies invest nearly a trillion dollars in Sri Lankadesh annually to build infrastructure and communities in the country.

Demographics Edit

The country is home to over a dozen ethnic and religious groups.

There are rumours of a significant Yeti population in the Himalayan region, however it is only speculation. The Ministry of Wildlife formally recognizes Yetis as inhabitants in the region, however the Ministry of Citizenship and Passports does not recognize Yetis as citizens.

Culture Edit

The Sri Lankadesh film industry, commonly known as Mollywood (a mash-up of "Mumumbo" and "Hollywood"), is the second highest-grossing entertainment industry in the world after Novada's Hollywood.

Contact with Canada Edit

Sri Lankadesh first established relations with MP Sebastian Muermann in MPSP18, as he worked to map the world of MPSP.

The Ministry of Wildlife in Sri Lankadesh is in open conflict with Parks Canada, as both countries claim to be home to the Yeti, also known as the abominable snowman or Bigfoot.

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