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The Standing Committee on Sport convened to discuss the first Olympiads. The Olympiads were a new series of bi-annual sporting events coming to the world stage, with the goal of fostering international competition at the highest level and increasing global cooperation through sport. The Olympiads are one-of-a-kind and unprecedented and definitely bore no similarity to something called “the Olympics”.

Background Edit

The following is taken from the (formerly classified) briefing on the issue that was provided to Committee members.

"The Olympiads are set to take place in March, and as of yet almost nothing has been determined, from the events, to the location, to the participants. The Committee must act quickly to ensure the events are able to take place. 

As a founding member of the International Olympiad Association, the governing body of the games, Canada has been asked to help design the events. Specifically, Canada has been asked to select 5 sports that will be included in the Olympiads.

In addition, Canada would like to serve as host for the first ever Olympiads next Spring. As a collection of some of the brightest minds in Canada, it is the responsibility of you the Committee to design Canada’s bid. You must select a host city and develop a plan to ensure that the event goes well, as well as create a plan for ensuring that Canada’s athletes are well equipped and ready to compete by March. 

Canada’s national pride and integrity is on the line. Good luck."

Issues Facing the Committee Edit

Primary concerns for the committee were as follows:

  • Canadian Pride: Given this unique opportunity to make a mark on history, the Committee should try to come up with sports that truly embody what it means to be Canadian. Whether that means “hockey”, “apologizing”, or “constantly comparing ourselves to the United States” is up to the Committee.
  • Tourism: While there is absolutely no evidence to support this claim, somebody once said in a meeting that hosting the Olympiads could be a huge benefit to the local economy. When choosing where Canada would like to host the games, this should be a key consideration. 

Outcomes Edit

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