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The Social Justice League was a party active during MPSP13. The party was led by Stéphane Thibodeau who would serve as Leader of the Official Opposition at the opening of the 12th Parliament.

 Party Platform[]

The party supposed a number of causes obliquely related to social justice, including Tuvaluan independence.


Though initially enjoying a healthy lead in the polls, the SJL fell behind the pace of the WaSP and finished second, allowing it to form the Official Opposition. On the first day, once the WaSP government fell. SJL Leader Stéphane Thibodeau crossed the floor to take a ministry in the TNP-FAC coalition government, leaving caucus chair Lauren Robertson to become leader.

Bills and Legislation[]

Members []

Notable members included Stéphane Thibodeau, Lauren Robertson (Caucus Chair / Whip), Mark Donoghue, Michael Foran, and Chris Conroy.