Sebastian Bracker served as Minister of Dank Memes for two sitting goverments, his contirbutions to CPULIT and CASK equal what he has done to amplify the amount of memes in MPSP. He is notable for his rise to becoming The Senate. Below you will find his legacy.

Many Model Parliamentarians refer to Sebastian's rise to power as a tragedy. Sebastian Bracker was once a first year student similar to everyone else, he found safe spaces in McDoubles and Beer, he loved spicy memes, but perhaps most notably he was failing school just like everyone else. He desperately looked for solutions to stop this and he found that joining CPULIT was the only way he could save himself, and the ones he loved. He joined CPULIT with his best friend Jane Dukes, the meme lord of Model Parliament.

She was so powerful and so wise that she could use pictures and words to create Memes... She had such a knowledge of Memes that she could even keep the memes she cared about from dying... It's important to note that the Dark Arts of the Meme are a pathway to many abilities, some consider to be unnatural. She became so powerful that the only thing she feared was losing her power, which eventually of course she did, when her Apprentice Sebastian murdered her in her sleep. Ironic... she could save the memes she loved, but not herself.

Armed with the skills to pay the bills Sebastian built a dynasty, he became a force to be reckoned with - Parties recruited him for his meme expertise, each time he was called upon it seemed as if he knew it was going to happen as each time he replied with "A surprise to be sure, but a welcomed one". He served as Minister of Memes for two governments, however one young Model Parliamentarian quickly caught on to what was going on and reported it to the MPSP committee. Ever since the death of Jane Dukes MPSP Leadership had been searching for the Meme Lord, it was not until the third episode of his Model Parliament Career where Sebastian Bracker finally revealed himself...

The House was tense, the Governor General along with the Serjeant-at-Arms and MPSP leadership arrived to take Sebastian Bracker into custody... But he had different plans


Live Footage of Sebastian becoming the Senate

Armed with the power of the meme, and what will be three years of experience under his belt, Sebastian will become Prime Minister, he loves democracy, he loves the republic and in order to ensure the security and continuing stability, Parliament will be re-organized into the first Western Empire! For safe and Secure Society!

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