Rio de Sul is the largest country located in South America.

History Edit

The country was originally created as a colony of Procrastination, which was the first country to discover the Americas. However, as Procrastinator resources were spread thin across several colonial nations, and as the population of Rio de Sul sky-rocketed, ideas of autonomy and independence quickly took hold. By the end of the 17th century, Rio de Sul had gained its independence and became the first full democracy in the world.

Geography Edit

Rio de Sul is the largest country in the South and Latin American regions, bordering Sweet Chile Heat to the Southwest and the Andys to the Northwest.

Government Edit

The government structure in the country is fairly standard, with a President who serves as the Head of State and a Prime Minister who serves as the Head of Government. However, Members of the National Congress are elected in multi-member districts using a single Non-Transferable Vote method. Each district elects twenty members, and often a candidate can win a seat with only 1-3% of the vote.

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