The Queendom of Greenland is the a country located in the Arctic Region, consisting of the islands of Greenland and Iceland.

History Edit

The Queendom was originally part of the Queendom of Scandalnavia. During this time, it was considered an equal province, though the smallest province, in the Federation. However, upon the overthrow of the Scandalnavian monarchy, the province seceded from Scandalnavia and took in the royal family, which had fled to the city of Reykjanuuk.

The country was quickly recognized by other monarchies, including Canada, New Tasmania and Gertalia. It has subsequently been recognized by every nation in the world, including Scandalnavia.

Geography Edit

Reykjanuuk is the northernmost capital city in the world. The country is known for it's grassy waters, where green grass grows fully underwater in the seas surrounding the country.

Government Edit

Queen Elsa II, a seventh cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, is the Head of State of the country. She holds all executive power, and can, if she so chooses, strike down legislation or declare war.

Economy Edit

The Queendom of Greenland is the number one exporter of ice and ice sculptures. The country is the world's number one supplier of spring water from its glacial lakes.

Culture Edit

Soccer and ice sculpting are the national sports of Greenland, though they also field competitive teams in hockey and curling.

Contact with Canada Edit

The Queendom of Greenland first established relations with MP Sebastian Muermann in MPSP18, as he worked to map the world of MPSP.

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