Procrastination is a country located on the Iberian Peninsula.

History Edit

Procrastination is a union of several sub-nations located within the Iberian peninsula. Under the leadership of dictator Angeles Angelo during the ninteenth century, the regions of Iberia were united into one country. King Carlos XXIV, the Monarch of the Liscelona region who had been deposed by Angelo, would lead the rebellion against Angelo and restore his rule to the entire region by 1855.

Geography Edit

Procrastination is the only country to have territories in both Europe and Africa, having control over several groups of islands within the African region.

Government Edit

Governance in procrastination is rather complicated. While many of the regions were willing to accept the rule of a Monarch during the rebellion, some regions refused to recognize the legitimacy of a King or Queen. In that light, then King Carlos XXIV agreed to rule alongside an elected President and Parliament.

In modern times, the Monarch (currently King Carlos XXVIII) serves only as a ceremonial role and has, in practice, forfeited all political powers to the elected President and Parliament. However, the Monarch still holds the same powers as the President within the constitution and could theoretically override a decision of the President (the President could do the same to a decision made by the monarch).

In order to serve as President, an individual cannot be a member of a political party nor are parties allowed to publicly endorse or fund any Presidential campaign.

The Parliament is largely dominated by small, regional parties that come together to form coalition governments. The President selects a party leader, usually the one who leads the party that won the most seats in the election, to attempt to form a government. If they are unable to form a majority coalition, the President will then look for a different candidate. If no party leader can form a coalition, the President must call a new election.

Economy Edit

Ironically, the tendency to procrastinate in Procrastinator society has not led to an economy that lags behind the world. In fact, the Procrastinator economy is a leader in many technological sectors. The country is the leading developer of alcohol power and transportation methods. Self-driving bicycles and pale ale-powered space travel. The country is also considered among the most socially advanced, being the first to legalize oregano and seaweed.

Demographics Edit

Procrastination has one of the lowest population densities in the world, behind only Canada and New Tasmania.

Culture Edit

Procrastination is known around its world for its mandatory three hour break in the middle of the day, which allows individuals across the country to procrastinate whatever they are currently working on. This practice is known as a "Procrastiniesta".

Contact with Canada Edit

Procrastination first established relations with MP Sebastian Muermann in MPSP18, as he worked to map the world of MPSP. Muermann originally incorrectly charted the location of the country on the world map, but it was adjusted by National Archives Curator Michael Giesbrecht during his MPSP19.

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