Polkraine is a country in Europe that is located to the East of Gertalia and the West of the Siberian Federation.

History Edit

Legend has it that Polkraine was founded by a group of nomads that had been following a swallow from Eastern Siberia. The swallow had supposedly landed on the head of the leader, and it flew consistently until it landed on a tree in the spot that is now Krakiev, the capital of the city.

The group quickly began to worship the swallow, and built a temple there in its honour. By the time they completed the temple, winter had arrived and it was too late to return to Siberia, so they settled around the temple and never left, the city slowly began to expand until it became a metropolis.

It is currently in a tense stand-off with the Siberian Federation over the Crymearivea Region, which the Siberians have attempted to annex.

Geography Edit

The country is divided into two significant regions. In one, where the capital of Krakiev is located, the majority is Ukrainian speaking. In the other, where Odessaw is located, the majority is Polish speaking.

Government Edit

Polkraine is governed by an elected monarchy, where the ruler is elected for life from a pool of eligible candidates within the royal family. Anyone with blood ties to the most recent monarch may seek the Crown, but they must be selected by the people.

Economy Edit

The Polkrainian economy is primarily shaped by two industries: agriculture and arms manufacturing. The arms industry in Polkraine is the largest in the world, and it supplies most of Europe with weapons.

Culture Edit

Their national bird is the European Swallow, an animal that they are very defensive of. They are so defensive that they have severed all ties with Old Guinea, whose national bird is the African Swallow.

Polkrainians enjoy a wide variety of foods, including over 200 different kinds of perogies, their national dish.

Contact with Canada Edit

Polkraine first established relations with MP Sebastian Muermann in MPSP18, as he worked to map the world of MPSP.

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