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The Party People of Canada (PPC) was a party during MPSP19. Led by the Rt. Hon. Brian Triska, the PPC would start as the third party before negotiating its way into a coalition government. The PPC was the sole party to find success during a vote, and the only of the original parties to avoid being split by second day parties.

Party Platform[]

The PPC's primary focus was supporting the right of Canadians to party while avoiding excessive government spending and developing new economic opportunities.

Prominent Platform Points included:

Recognition of Ballin' Island as an official territory, development of the Polar Ice Express, establishment of the Beerlympics, addition of Frenglish as an official language, extension of weekends.


The PPC achieved third party status during the election, falling behind the government and opposition by a very small margin of ~60 seats. It is largely speculated this is a result of election day parties distracting the PPC's loyal membership base from the polls.

The PPC celebrated their historic success by hosting a raging after party for all elected MPs.

Day 1[]

Despite being one of the days smallest caucuses (ahead of the forever irrelevant GOP) the PPC entered day one in arguably the most powerful position of any party. In order to pass any legislation, the government as well as the official opposition would require the support of the PPC.

Throughout the day the PPC's membership debated passionately in the house. As the majority of the caucus ripped into government and opposition bills in the house, behind closed door the PPC leadership spent the days in tough negotiations with both the government and the official opposition.

As the members were called into the house for recorded divisions the PPC decided that the best way to represent their constituents would be to allow for an open vote on the oppositions bill (C-4) and a whipped vote against government bill (C-2).

After votes were counted only the PPC's own Motion M-1 passed (with only 8 votes against). The government fell and the PPC entered a coalition with the DoDo Front to form government.

Day 2[]

The PPC entered day two as part of a coalition government with the Dodo Front. The new government bill, Bill C-5: Full Send into Regression Act, largely represented the PPC's original platform while introducing important new clauses such as the building of a border mall between Ontario and Quebec.

The morning was spent defending this new bill against a tattered TOGA opposition. Before a vote was had on the government bill both the Dodo Front and TOGA fell to the creation of the newly formed Tea Party and Biscuit Party, with minimal members deserting to Unity.

The PPC, remaining unchanged by the splits, was unable to successfully negotiate support from either new party, and they government fell.

The PPC reclaimed their place as third party in the afternoon, and continued to support Canadian party rights for the remainder of the parliament.


Name Riding Postion
Rt. Hon. Brian Triska Leader
Hon. Laura Bradbury Deputy Leader
Hon. Stefano Heguy House Leader
Hon. Ryan Sloan Deputy House Leader
Hon. Claire Beddoe Whip
Hon. Michael An Deputy Whip


Hon. Elizabeth McDonald Minister of Rap Battles
Hon. Serge Patenaude Minister of Full Sends
Hon. Summer Sheridan Minister of Hangover Health
Hon. Bailee Johnson Minister of Drinking Games
Hon. Michael An Minister of It's 5 o'clock somewhere
Hon. Sandford Hubard Minister of Bush Parties
Hon. Stefano Heguy Minister of Cheap Quebec Beer & House Leader
Hon. Ziyan Liu Minister of Redemption Shots
Hon. Robyn-Lee Hotte Minister of Party Music
Hon. Sabine Moller Minister of Responsable Drinking
Hon. Claire Beddoe Minister of Health
Hon. Erin Burchett Minister of National Herritage
Hon. Kennedy Fiorella Minister of Mixology
Hon. Olivia Fox Minister of public parties and emergency shotguns
Hon. Douglas Conway Minister of Public Safety Against Boring Parties
Hon. Billy Strathdee Minister of Development for Ballin' Island
Hon. Laura Bradbury Minister of Parties
Hon. Ryan Moukheïber Minister of Justice
Hon. Hunter Cowling Minister of Frenglish