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New Frengland is the wealthiest country in the world, encompassing most of the Eastern seaboard of the southern half of North America and therefore many vital trade nodes between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.


New Frengland was once a colony of Frengland, considered an essential foothold in North America. However, as the colony quickly became more prosperous than the long struggling Frengland, they rebelled and easily won their freedom.

However, during the Southern War, declared by two factions within the country against the government due to the actions of then President Reginald Krumpus, New Frengland lost control of most of its land to Novada and Floriduh. While it has mended relations with Floriduh, it remains in constant conflict with Novada and President George W. Tree.


The country largely consists of large urban-centres, most of which are surrounded by wealthy suburbs. Forest and green spaces having largely been wiped out under the urbanization movement of current President William Groomberg.


The President of New Frengland is considered the head of state, chief executive, and Commander-in-Chief. The President oversees the cabinet.

The President works in cooperation with Congress, a bicameral legislative body, to pass legislation. The President may veto any legislation that is passed by the congress, however the congress may override that veto if it has unanimous consent from all members.


The New Frenglish economy is dominated by major mega-corporations and their many branches. A significant portion of economic activity is simply investment and banking, which has led many critics to refer to the country as "an economy that made itself rich by moving money around so many times that people lost track".


Hockey and Baseball are dominant cultural institutions in New Frengland, with government holidays recognizing both the World Series and the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Relations with Canada[]

New Frengland and Canada are considered the closest allies of any two countries in the world.

In a shocking turn of events during MPSP20, Alex Verret, then Government House Leader of the Young M.U.F.F.I.N. government, was elected President of New Frengland in an election he did not enter in, before immediately being ejected from the post for having served in a foreign legislature, as reported by the National Roast.

The current Canadian Ambassador to New Frengland is Andre Roy, who is considered a hero in New Frengland due to allegations that he poisoned the President of Frengland.