MPSP19 was the model parliament simulation held on January 21-22, 2019.

Christina Rideout served as prime minister through the entirety of the first day, leading a TOGA minority government after winning November's election by a razor-thin margin. At the end of the day the government's bill was defeated, and given that TOGA had lost the confidence of the House, the Governor General invited DODO Front leader Alec Connor to form government. At the beginning of the second day Connor led a coalition government made up of PPC and DODO Front members, but he resigned in the wake of a series of damaging scandals before the government's legislation came to a vote. He was succeeded by the Chief Government Whip, Daniel Perry, who was himself forced to resign in scandal and was replaced by the coalition's third and final prime minister, Brian Triska.

By the midway point of the second day there was a great deal of movement, as large numbers of official opposition TOGA backbenchers left to join the newly created TEA Party, while prominent DODO Front cabinet ministers Trevor Stewart, Henry Mann, and Kyra Mullen, as well as former TOGA minister Spencer Brickles, secretly organized the creation of another new party, Biscuit, which absorbed large numbers of DODO backbenchers just before the vote on the government's legislation. The coalition government lost the vote by a wide margin, with the PPC and DODO Front breaking up to sit in opposition. At a lunchtime meeting, the Governor General invited Brickles to serve as Prime Minister at the head of a Biscuit government. The Biscuit Party served in government until the end of the second day.

Parties Edit

  • DODO Front of Canada
  • TOGA Party of Canada
  • Party People of Canada (PPC)
  • Unification Party of Canada
  • TEA Party of Canada
  • Biscuit Party of Canada

Election Results Edit

Party Number of Seats Position
IND 37 N/A

Major Events Edit

  • Bankruptcy of the Mope and Wail
  • Launch of La Graisse
  • Burning of the Parliament Buildings

Committees Edit

  • Transport
  • Environment
  • Foreign Affairs (en Français)
  • Special Committee on the Parliamentary Fire

Media Team Edit

  • Marky Mark Critch - Editor in Chief of the National Roast
  • Berry Milewski - Writer
  • Alexis Jones - Writer
  • Slick Mercer - Writer
  • Paul Arc-en-ciel - Rédacteur en chef de La Graisse
  • Chantal St-Hubert - Chroniqueuse
  • Anderson Mini-Cooper - Writer

Organizers Edit

Role Name
Governor General Matthew Boulden
Speaker Jon Hopkins
Deputy Speaker Taylor Sullivan
Clerk Dan Hux
Model Parliament Committee Hassan Ahmed
Model Parliament Committee Brittney Carscadden Botelho
Model Parliament Committee Jes Francis
Model Parliament Committee William Hinse-MacCulloch
Model Parliament Committee Bailee Johnson
Model Parliament Committee Mar Khorkhordina
Model Parliament Committee Elizabeth McGregor
Model Parliament Committee Ryan Musgrove
Model Parliament Committee Serge Patenaude
Model Parliament Committee Daniel Perry
Model Parliament Committee Jenna Shemmans
Model Parliament Committee Megan Spooner
Model Parliament Committee Connor Walsh
Model Parliament Committee Caitlin Wardrop
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