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The Hon. Matthew Edginton, P.C. M.P. was model parliamentarian active from MPSP20 to MPSP21. He was first elected as the Member of Parliament for Waterloo in November 2019. Although he was born and resides in Ontario, Edginton was raised in Manitoba, a fact that affected his response to the Southern Manitoba Secession Crisis of 2021.


Edginton joined the Rat Party and stood as a candidate for the party going into the 2019 General Election. The Rat Party won 127 seats in the election, the largest in MPSP history. However, the party failed to secure a majority of the seats in the house. The second-place FAM Party with 100 seats was able to reach confidence and supply agreement with the Plastics (19 seats) and the Cyborg Party (10 seats) to form a government that held the confidence of the house. Therefore, Edginton became a member of the Official Opposition.

Edginton was appointed Shadow Minister for Public Safety in the Rat Party Shadow Cabinet. During the sitting days, he served in the official opposition. He supported the effort to pass both opposition motions from the Rat Party and Plastics, which both passed by wide margins. The FAM government lost the confidence of the House by mid-afternoon on the first day.

The Rat Party then formed the new government, and due to his experience in the position of Shadow Minister, Edginton was appointed Minister of Public Safety. He opposed the opposition motion from the new Under the Sea Party, which had replaced FAM as the official opposition, as well as the private member's bill from the GOP which attacked zoomers and youth culture.

Sensing the imminent fall of the Rat Party government, Edginton voted against the government bill. He then joined his fellow members of Young M.U.F.F.I.N. (a merger of the former Zoomer Party of Canada and L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N.) in defecting from the government, as well as from a number of opposition parties.

Young M.U.F.F.I.N. secured a majority government for the afternoon of the second day, and Edginton was appointed Deputy Government House Leader. He was promoted to Government House Leader upon the resignation of his predecessor amid scandal.


In the fall of 2020, Edginton initially joined the newly formed Rebound Party, which focused on second chances and bouncing back after breakups. Shortly before election night however, a flurry of mergers occurred, between the major parties, resulting in Rebound merging with the Drama Party to form the Take Two Party. Disillusioned with the new direction of the party, Edginton left Take Two to join the Totally Real People United by Zoom (TRPUZ), itself a merger of the Totally Real People Party and the United Zoomers.

On election night, Edginton was reelected as the member of parliament for Waterloo with over 54% of the vote. TRPUZ was elected to a minority government with 82 seats, while Take Two formed the official opposition with 72 seats. Two third parties achieved official party status: the Devil's Advocate Dominion (DAD) and the Non Confrontational Party of Most Sublime Gloriousness, each with 12 seats. There was also a record number of independent members elected, with 76 being sent to the House of Commons.

Edginton was appointed Minister of Finance in the TRPUZ de Silvia-Legault Ministry in early in December 2020. He was sworn in on the 16th of January 2021.

On the morning of the first sitting day, Edginton presented the government's bill the Real Canada Act. Concerned with the rise of the crustacean lobby and crab extremists, as well as with the instability of the TRPUZ government, Edginton resigned from the government to sit as an independent, and also spoke in support of the private member's bill to create an Acadian sub-nation proposed Chelsey-Lynn Rousselle. The TRPUZ government was toppled with the defeat of the Real Canada Act.

On the morning of the second sitting day, the Take Two Party along with their coalition partners formed government. Edginton became a founding member of the Looney Tooney Party of Canada, which had formed a coalition with the Beach-Barbz Front to form the Barb Toones Coalition. Edginton was appointed as the Critic for Daiquiris and Inclusion and Youth in the Barb Toones Shadow Cabinet. After the fall of the Take Two government in the afternoon, the Barb Toones Coalition became the new government and Edginton became the President of the Privy Council. Edginton led the government's response to the Southern Manitoba Secession Crisis, stating that Southern Manitoba would not be allowed to leave confederation under any circumstances, as well as refusing the intervention of New Frengland as a third party mediator.