The legalization of seaweed was a proposal put forward by the WAVE government of MPSP18, and was one of the more controversial measures of their omnibus budget bill. It is considered a continuance of the legalization of banned substances, following the legalization of oregano by the BASIC-ASAP coalition government in MPSP16.

Opposition parties were very opposed to the proposition, with then Leader of the Opposition Michael Giesbrecht, who said in his reply to the Speech from the Throne that

"...this government wants to endanger our youth by opening the floodgates to dangerous sea weed!
What’s next? Kelp? Plankton? Madame Speaker this government appears to want to see society collapse under the weight of a tsunami of arrogance and recklessness while our children throw their lives away. "
Since the bill did not pass, seaweed remains illegal, however use of the substance remains widespread, particularly in British Columbia.

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