The Honourable Kyra Mullen P.C., M.P. is a model parliamentarian. She was first elected to represent the riding of Whitby in November 2018.

MPSP19 Edit

In early September of 2018, Mullen, along with a number of her peers and fellow model parliamentarians formed the National Bird Front (NBF). This party's objective was to fight for the rights and protections of Canadian birds. Shortly after this party was formed, Mullen took on the role of Chief Party Whip. Although the party was initially looked down upon by more seasoned parliamentarians, the NBF quickly gained recognition and recruited a considerable number of members, primarily other first-year model parliamentarians.

Later into the year, Mullen and other members of NBF leadership entered discussions with the leadership of the CAVE party, regarding a potential merger. Following deliberations, both the NBF and CAVE caucuses joined together to become the DODO Front. The joined leadership of this new party continued to campaign under one unified banner and platform. The DODO Front narrowly lost the 2018 election to the TOGA party, bring defeated by only two votes.

Mullen served as a shadow Minister in the DODO Front in its capacity as the Official Opposition for the entirety of day one of MPSP19. The TOGA government failed to hold the confidence of the house at the end of the first day, resulting in the DODO Front forming a new government the following morning. In a coalition with the PPC, DODO held government for the first half of day two under long-time DODO leader and Prime Minister Alec Connor. In this government, Mullen took on the role of Minister of Technology and Carrier Pigeons. Following the resignation of Connor as Prime Minister, Mullen and the DODO House Leader, Trevor Stewart, along with Deputy Prime Minister Henry Mann, began to secretly break away from DODO to form the Biscuit Party. Following DODO losing the confidence of the house, the Biscuit Party formed government, in a victory that shocked even the founding members. Mullen took on the position of Chief government Whip and Minister of High Society under this government, which was led by Prime Minister Spencer Brickles. The party held government until the conclusion of MPSP19.


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