The Clerk of the House of Commons is the person that manages the operations of the Chamber and acts as the chief procedural advisor to the Speaker of the House, the Deputy Speaker, and all Members of Parliament. The Clerk demonstrates a sound knowledge of the many procedures and practices of Parliament, possesses a strong understanding of Model Parliament all while exercising experienced managerial skills. The Clerk is also tasked with co-leading the various training sessions on parliamentary procedures and practices and advises the Model Parliament Committee on various procedural matters. The Clerk is seated at the head of the center table in the House of Commons chamber and manages the party speaking lists, and the daily order of business before the House. The Clerk is appointed by the Governor General and plays an important role in the organization of Model Parliaments and the coordination of activities on sitting days in the House.

Past Clerks Edit

Name Year
Keelan Buck MPSP20
Dan Hux MPSP19


Oliver Parker MPSP17
Ben Sparkes MPSP16
Adam Gilani MPSP15
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