The FUN party was formed for Day 2 of MPSP17. It was planned from the beginning, however did not actualize until day 2 of the event. It rose in order to offer a less serious alternative so members could simply enjoy themselves.

Party Platform Edit

The FUN platform focused on returning to a feudal order, and introducing it to Canada. It also relied heavily on Monty Python and Game of Thrones references, as well as nods to feudal society and order.

Third Party Edit

FUN assembled on the second day, becoming third party thanks to the HOOK-CLASS coalition. They also were able to present their bill as the new opposition bill, as CPU presented no new legislation. FUN focused primarily on their own party, and amusement. They were supported to take government by the fallen HOOK-CLASS coalition, however having only 12 members, CPU was the larger party and retook government. They were the only official party to never lose confidence of the house in MPSP17.

Bills and Legislation Edit

See the original Bill here.

Members Edit

Name Riding Position/Critic Role
Hon. Jonathan Hopkins Niagara-Center Leader
Hon. Michael Giesbrecht St. Albert-Edmonton Deputy Leader
Hon. Ethan Elliott Calgary Shepard Justice
Hon. Jeremy Lietdke Carleton House Leader
Hon. Quinn Anastas Outremont Whip
Hon. Zach Misener Perth-Wellington Finance
Hon. Madison McSweeney Kanata-Carleton Democratic Institutions
Hon. Andre Roy Davenport Infrastructure
Hon. Jacob Vanderzwet Charlottetown Health and Anti-Plague Efforts
Hon. Cameron Beavan-King Vancouver Kingsway Foreign Affairs
Hon. Nicholas Cherlet St. Boniface-St. Vital Treasury Board
Hannah Anstey Calgary Skyview Labour
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