East Sahara is a country located in Central and Eastern Africa, located in between the Middle West, Old Guinea, the Ugandan Union, and North Sahara

History Edit

East Sahara is the oldest country in the world, coming into existence following the collapse of various former empires including the Roman, Greek and Egyptian empires.

Geography Edit

East Sahara's environment varies greatly between regions. The southern portion of the country is a mix of grasslands and scrub forest, while the north is dominated by highlands surrounding the Great Rift Valley.

Mount Kilimanjaro, the second largest mountain in the world, is located within the Eastern Rift Mountains in the country.

Government Edit

The people of East Sahara is a Presidential Republic with a bicameral legislature. The President is elected using a two-round majority system, ensuring that the President enjoys majority support of voters.

The two legislatures, referred to as the "Lower Chamber of Deputies" and the "Upper Chamber of Senators", are both elected chambers. The Lower Chamber elects new members every three-and-a-quarter years, while the Upper Chamber elects new Senators are on a rotating basis, each serving nine-and-three-quarter years with 1/3 of the Senators being elected during every election of the Lower Chamber. The Prime Minister can be selected from either chamber, as long as they have the support of a majority of both chambers.

The Upper Chamber and Lower Chamber both have a 10% quota to which only elephants can be elected to ensure that the large elephant population in the country is represented.

Economy Edit

East Sahara's economy is largely built in manufacturing, specifically of automobiles and agricultural machinery. The country also has a strong agricultural industry, particularly in bovine and goat farming.

Contact with Canada Edit

East Sahara first established relations with MP Sebastian Muermann in MPSP18, as he worked to map the world of MPSP.

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