The Right Hon. Craig Mutter was the Governor General for MPSP18.

Previous to his time as Governor General, Mutter was a Member of Parliament from MPSP15 to MPSP17, and has represented both Lambton-Kent-Middlesex and Central Nova over the years. He most recently served as a leader for HOOK in MPSP17, and has previously served as a member of both BASIC and SQUAD.

Tenure as Governor General (MPSP18) Edit

Following the dissolution of Parliament after MPSP17, Mutter was appointed Governor General by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Shortly after his appointment, Mutter named former Parliamentarian Daniel Hux as Clerk of the House of Commons to oversee the administration of the House.

Mutter was the representative of the head of state during a period of relative political stability, with the WAVE party winning a large plurality of seats, nearly double the Official Opposition CASK party.

During his time as Governor General, Mutter repeatedly came under fire for his close ties to the Garlic Bread lobby. Upon leaving the Governor General's Office, Mutter accepted a role with the Garlic Bread Lobby, leading to further questions regarding actions taken as Governor General.

HOOK Era (MPSP17) Edit

Craig Mutter was an original founder of the HOOK Party, and served as Co-Leader alongside Ben Carriere. Following the election, he stepped down and handed the reigns off to Ben Carriere, who served as Leader in the Chamber.

Mutter was the primary instigator of the alliance between HOOK and CLASS, and served as chief manager of the coalition party on Day 2.

Other Parliaments Edit

MPSP15 Edit

In MPSP15, Craig Mutter was elected for the first time to represent the riding of Lambton-Kent-Middlesex as a member of the SQUAD party.

During this term, he also served on the Standing Committee on National Defence.

MPSP16 Edit

In MPSP16, Craig Mutter served his second term as a Member of Parliament, but with the new riding of Central Nova.

He was one of the original founders of the BA$IC Party, which served as Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition. Upon attaining government following the defeat of the INC government, he held the positions of Minister of Agriculture and Justice at various points.

After the first day and the creation of the CRIMÉ coalition, he was chosen to serve as the Minister of Finance and delivered the Budget Speech on the BA$IC Party Bill during the Third Reading of the Bill.

Personal Life Edit

Sometime between MPSP16 and MPSP17, Craig began seeing The Beautiful Ocean. The two co-habitated with two young adopted parrots, named Sunny and Bo, refugees from Agrabah. Following the passing of Bill C-7, the two were finally officially married, in a joyous event attended by all.

Trivia Edit

  • Favourite MPSP Moment: "Would the Honourable Member please stop making wookie noises"
  • Craig served as a member of the MPSP organizing committee for MPSP17 under Lhori Webster.
  • It has often been remarked that Craig looks similar to media personality Slick Mercer.
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