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CLASS was a political party active during MPSP17. It served as Third Party in the House of Commons, until it formed a coalition and made government. It was founded by two first year students, Jake Collie, who would become the leader (and prime minister) , and Jessica Early (who would become Chief Gov. Whip) who would become deputy. Many defined this party by its notable number of first year members, with only 10 non-first years as official members.


One late fall evening, in a 90U kitchen after failing to be lured by the major parties, Jake and Jess felt disenchanted with the current political institutions. As they were both autonomous, they did not desire to be subjugated by any older but seemingly inferior leader. Thus, they said lets make our own party, not realizing the complications.

Party Platform[]

The CLASS Party was defined primarily by high society and ''Classy'' behaviour. The primary goal being to ensure that all Canadians had access to the highest social and material status, including suits, yachts, and other ammenities, while also applying this philosophy to the public service. They also widely defined themselves as suburbanites, going so far to call for a suburban revolution.

Due to their distribution of goods, some criticized CLASS as being communistic, going so far as to call their leader Jake ''Commie''. Many policies were also criticized for their spending. Other criticisms include questioning their fiscal prudence, and elitism.

The First Year Party[]

Another key component of the party was its membership and base consisting almost exclusively of first year students. This drew both admiration and scorn from upper years, some applauding their capacities to organize and create a party, with others seeing them as arrogant. Their success or failure lays on the shoulders of the hard work and dedication of its members, who showed zealot like devotion to their fellows, and created a solid party. Nonetheless, this led to widespread jokes and criticism about the age of the party members.

Third Party[]

As third party, CLASS was able to challenge the government in various ways, taking them by surprise with their confidence and their statements in the house. They sat proudly throughout the first day, constantly in communications with various parties, seeking to take government through coalition. Upon taking down the government, they were successful and formed a coalition with HOOK to form government.


In the HOOK-CLASS coalition, CLASS was able to procure several major ministries, as well as the position as deputy leader, and Prime Minister. The government would end up falling in the hands of CLASS leader Jake Collie, as he and his cabinet decided to declare war against Frengland, prompting a vote of confidence. Jake was branded as a warmonger, with much of his cabinet following suit in their rhetoric. The loss of this government led to the relative dissolution of the CLASS party.


After the fall of the coalition, Jake Collie went quiet, and the party divided amongst various groups. Some joining the FUN party, others sitting as independents or with other small fracture parties. The CLASS party folded almost entirely, with no significant events occuring after this point.

Bills and Legislation[]

See the original Bill here.


Name Riding Position
Jake Collie Newmarket-Aurora Leader
Hon Jacob Stewart Nepean Deputy Leader
Jessica Earrly Duffer-Caledon Chief Whip
Nolan Toscano Yorkton-Melville Caucus Chair
Nathan Venema Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas Critic of Defence
Alexandra Beck Halifax-West
Polina Berliaeva Banff-Airdrie
Will Butts Mount Royal
Anastasia Cherygova North Vancouver
Alec Connor Cape Breton-Canso House Leader
Delaney Cullinan Edmonton West
Hon. Sir Matthew Don Trapp Trois-Rivières
Cailey Dyer Markham-Unionville
Roman Ebadi Lethbridge
Jakob Maniatacos Papineau Critic for Foreign Affairs
Maleesha Essner Surrey Center
Ryan Fazzari Wellington-Halton Hills
Laura Glasser Bourassa
Celine Godbout Cowichan-Malahat-Langford
Duncan Grey Dartmouth-Cole Harbour
Ross Halfyard Madawaska-Restigouche
Anna Heath Foothills
Kay Jordan Sault Ste. Marie
Karina Juma Cambridge
Peter Ketcheson York Center
Shannon Knapton Victoria
Sam Landriault Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies
Hayley Laur Lambton-Kent-Middlesex
Ian Lewis Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan
Jakob Maniatacos Papineau
A.J. Mawani Missisauga-Malton
Nick McRoberts Cardigan
Ryan Musgrove Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes
Siobhan O'Kane Ajax
Carlos Pena Vallecillo Churchill-Keewatinook
Lucy Peng Thornhill
Claire Petro Waterloo
Sydney Pothakos Sydney-Victoria
Andrew Potter Flamborough-Glanbrook
Kaelan Power Mississauga-Lakeshore
Rachel Rivet Mississauga-Erin Mills
Toby Root Kitchener Center
Sophia Stavropoulos Fleetwood-Port Kells
Grace Turner Durham
Lukas Upton Brantford-Brant
Joshua Wenner Sarnia-Lambton