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The Honourable Alex Verret, PC, is a three-time former MPSPer who served as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for "The Shade of it All" in the Take Two Government during the 20th Model Parliament of Canada (MPSP21). During the 18th Model Parliament of Canada (MPSP19), he was elected Member of Parliament for Beauport—Côte-de-Beaupré—Île d'Orléans—Charlevoix and served as Minister for Flags and British Traditions for the Biscuit Government. During the 19th Model Parliament of Canada (MPSP20) he served as Minister of Finance for the Rat Government and House Leader for the Young M.U.F.F.I.N. Government, and, for about ten minutes, the President of New Frengland, before being impeached for having served in a foreign legislature. After MPSP21, he retired and is living out his days in Pie-r-land with his husband Launchpad McQuack.


Verret was elected for the first time as the Member of Parliament for Beauport — Côte-de-Beaupré — Île d'Orléans—Charlevoix in 2019, and started his career as opposition Critic for Spear Fisheries and Oceans. When the TOGA government fell, he was left out of cabinet, but when the CAVE government fell on Day 2, he was appointed Minister of Flags and British Traditions for the Biscuit government by the Right Honourable Prime Minister Spencer Brickles. He is notable in MPSP19 for having made a point of order that, while, technically correct, was not pertinent to debate. Due to this scandal, he resigned as an MP and said he would not seek reelection in MPSP20.


In his second term, Verret was re-elected to his riding of Beauport — Côte-de-Beaupré — Île d'Orléans —Charlevoix, this time under the banner of the Rat Party, serving first as opposition critic for Cheddar (Finance) and eventually Minister of (Cheddar) Finance under the Right Honourable Carolina Muñoz Jasa, before she was arrested for her *alleged* war crimes. During a span of about 10 minutes, he also served as Deputy Prime Minister under the Right Honourable Zachary Robichaud, although this is disputed. Upon the fall of the Rat government on Day 2, he served as the government House Leader under the ZoomersL.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N. coalition, also known as Young M.U.F.F.I.N. Verret notably let the world know that "actually [his] first name is Kieran" during a speech from an honourable guest.

However, near the end of debate, a scandal was reported by The National Roast: Verret, who had previously been very forthcoming about his New Frenglish origins, had been elected President of New Frengland, despite not having lived in New Frengland for several years, and not having presented himself as a candidate for the election. Approximately 10 minutes after this story broke, however, Verret was informed by the Supreme-ish Court of New Frengland that he was ineligible to serve as President, due to his being an active MP in Canada's Parliament. As a result of this scandal, he resigned as an MP and said he would not seek reelection in MPSP21.


Alex Verret truly found his footing in MPSP21, starting the Drama Party, which focused on all kinds of drama, from reality TV to interpersonal drama. Due to the Totally Real People's PartyZoomer Party (note: this Zoom refers to the video calling application) merger, otherwise known as the Totally Real People United by Zoom merger, his party merged with the Rebound Party to become the Take Two Party, becoming Deputy Leader.

On Day 1, he served not only as Deputy Leader of the Take Two Party, which was the official opposition, but also as Critic for "The Shade of It All". It is in this opposition that the "Take A Chance on Me" motion was passed, while the TRPUZ government fell.

Once said government fell, Verret served as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of "The Shade of It All" in the Take Two coalition government, before resigning after lunch on Day 2 for the final time, citing his possible collusion with the former Prime Minister Carolina Muñoz Jasa on the aforementioned alleged war crimes. He stated that he would not be seeking election in MPSP22 and would be spending his retirement in Pie-r-land (a small country off the western coast of Frengland) with his husband, Launchpad McQuack of Ducktales fame.


Verret, while often a controversial figure, was known for his fiery speeches, particularly those given during MPSP20 as Minister of Finance, as well as his attachement both to the party line and the French language. Despite being raised in an area of New Frengland where very little French existed, Verret always made sure to use both official languages in his speeches and on Twitter.